The founders of the company are all related, making this one of the most highly rated family-owned construction businesses in the LA and OC. They are dedicated family men who understand the pressure and nervousness that comes with remodeling your largest asset. 



Cody has a vast background in construction management and procedures. You could say he’s the one keeping the project with all it’s moving parts, operating smoothly throughout the remodel. 

Travis installing outdoor lights.

Travis has also spent his whole career in the remodel world. He has chosen to dedicate himself to becoming the top plumber in the area. He has spent many years training in all areas of plumbing, from kitchen sink drains to main line sewers, water mains to filtration systems, and everything inbetween. He is a highly regarded plumbing technician who takes pride in his education and skills acquired through this career.


We are a family owned remodel and addition construction service company specializing in upscale kitchen / bath remodels, foundation repairs, doors and windows, home repairs. Our clients value our unbeatable customer service which includes keeping the homeowners up to date, through every facet of each project, from start to finish, our expert staff keeps track of deadlines, designs, engineering, expenses, and city permitting. Our job is not only to provide the very best remodeling work, but to also help make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Going over blueprints.

William has extensive background in residential remodels, with his impeccable attention to detail he has proven to be a Bona fide finish carpenter. He has spent his entire working life as a general contractor, dedicated to residential construction, project management, and costumer service.


Resolved Home Services, Inc. is a company founded by hard working, highly ethical contractors that had grown tired of seeing poor craftsmanship and lack of customer service integrity in their chosen profession.  Now, with their own team in place, they have built a remodeling company with a solid reputation for providing highly trained home improvement technicians to complete elegant projects throughout los Angles and Orange County areas. 


We take pride in who we are and what we are becoming. 

Our technicians are the back bone of our company, so we believe in creating the best working environment and relationships with our employees. That's why We provide weekly training to ensure they have all the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their careers and keep up to date on current materials and techniques. When our techs arrive wearing the RESOLVED HOME SERVICES, INC uniform, they are always smiling and happy to provide our costumers with the 5-star service they deserve. Our techs work extremely hard to be the best and are very passionate about their skills.